The best teacher is your biggest mistake.

Teacher is a professional term used for one who teaches you or gives you a bit idea about how to perform and live a healty moral life in a society. Now when it comes to moral directives everyone living around you , interacting you have a different mindset and ultimately has a different perspective and a point of view. So the que is you learn from every individual ‘s idea and implement it and that you can too call them a teacher.

In life winning is not everytime important. Contageous attempt to perform a task with great zeal , determination is uttmost important. Coz the effort you put in , the sleepless night, some lost friends, early mornings and lots of all those tough inches will eventually pay off one day coz most people though dint get this too even so you must always be gratefull to what you have.

The thing is you must never ever give up . You dont know how close you may be . Suffer now and live the rest of your life like a champion. 

Make every inch count . Sometimes you win . And sometimes you learn there is nothing like loosing. Atleast trying is far more superior then mediocrity . Great things take time . And patience is what drives you in the game . 

Afraid of being the same . Make change because uniquness is what people demand and is ultimately seprates a champion from someone else who is not.regret only being same and not working enough to change.

No dream is big enough if you have a courage to do it so. #stayhungry..#staydetermined..#stayconfident…#staystunny..πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž…

Greats knew that they are great before anybody else could believe it. Stay focused. Just dont think much have a dream and work for it .. Vision + action.! 



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