Road which is less travelled called as life..

There are three things or you call it as state the first being:

  1. Things that you ate sure going to happen .
  2. Things which you are not sure enough but work enough to make it happen.
  3. Things that you know will never going to happen.

The ultimatum here is things me ntion in point 3 . You already know it is not going to happen yet you try the most to make it happen well that is hope. Those things are things which you want and need the most .

Now this act as an obstacle to your survival and thus you struggle enough like a warrior or survivour to win the battle so called life . 

Now imagine a playgroung with no players and crowd the same siruation is with you if you remove your obstacles.

No matter you feel excellent bit at the end of the day you madly desire for something that makes you grow better. As we all are humans and are addicted to certain facts, figures and methods. Our mind needs something new . 

The obstacles may be of different form in ones life in accordance. The attitude which you develop to deal with those obstacles are your characteristics and qualities defining you who you are . 

If you find a humour in your difficulties then you win the situation. So as the life you have to just control your emotion from your well being as you can never get everything you wanted in life . No matter how hard you try .. It isnt worth. 

So get up and control your emotion and make a better way to your future. Consistency is what defining your success. Keep yourself enough motivation. If it is yours you will get in time and if it isnt yours you will never get on life no matter how ridiculously you are upto.

Thus the myaterious road which full of uncertainity and you give a direction to it known as life …. 



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