Problem behind the problem..

The problem with the problem is you dont know how to solve them. For eg you might have studied about 1st and 2nd worldwar in history and you must definately found boring remembering dates and war associated countries except few. And now all of a sudden when you recall your memories you find a new extra multi method to deal with it . I mean you are so confident enough now that tou feel if you would done or studied the things this way today it could be something marvellous not specified.

The reason behind this is your mental age , problem solving techniques and training your skills was adequate enough and now when you surpasss the situation at a good proper age having developed an outstanding logical reasoning ideas that tou feel that stuff was fantastic if done this way.

A man all of a sudden fings this a new soul in him and finds how excellent and enormous he is capable of doing things .. Without regrecting very hard. A room with such self confidence must not have a place for jealousy any more … 

It should be filled with all idiots having same dream same faith and same belief that they cant loose anymore untill they win . See everything that you choose introduce you to the next level.

So if you want to do something great you must wait for all the liabilities which lacks in you to regenerate its source. It is not easy if it was easy it would be accomplished by everyone in the society .

And since you choose to be different from everyone in the society you goota do in order to get yourself different from the rest . So supply yourself with enoug motivation and make it happen … Since it was not easy…..

At the end we regret changes that we dint make…

When you find a good solution to your problem. The problem is already diminished. And then there is only a smile which you could offer to your self nothing else .showing how sensitive and cute i was…😉

Like just now i find myself undergoing the same situation. So helpless to that problem now a kid only could make this happen and it is upto you .. What tou want…



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