Never let your worth diminished

Whatever comes to you is unfortunately believed to be the outcome of your deeds. The basic instinct of life is none other than happiness,sad, anxiety,stubborness,ego,pride and so on. But what is more important is your drastic balanced behaviour towqrds each and every one whom you are interacted on day to day basis.

What you feel the most is your persistanat behaviour towards the one whom you love to share your every worthy emotions. Happiness, sadness is totally what you get is die to this instinct change .

While trying to make every inch count for your loved ones. You make a vacuum feeling left unshared with the rest. The same goes on with everyone and repeats at every phase in life.

Another parody of life is . It is mostly uncertain to the most certain people. To whom you wanted to be everytime ignores you or maintains a distance due to various unmeasured parametres. This makes you so devastated at certain point in life and managed to give up on yourself. It is what happens . Believe it or not my dear mate ..!

Same thing might happen with the aame person due to whom you undergo depression. That is assumption . It might be right or may not be ..!

So what i convey through this analysis is not to give up..! Make yourself so adorable that you yourself must be proud to be you in every condition. Love to its fullest. Let people know you count on yourself so greatly that they feel jeolous of yourself .

Life has to do its job and so u do. And you being its member need to do the same as designated. The pain you feel today will definately going to be your strength tomorrow.

Since you dont give up on yourself. Smile must be the ans of all your miseries. Life has to salute you my friend. Yes indeed…!Milllianore 



Tragedy of life

When we all talk about life. First of all it is always question mark? Whether to discuss about life or not . The opinion about life differ from person to person . Eventually it is not less than a stock market where you are the broker. It keeps on update every next sec when you experience something new , innovative . All that matters to you is happiness. But let me remind you brother being broker yourself wont let you be happy throughout . Unless you worked so hard . 

There is nothing called short cuts in life .. Only hard work pays. Remember my friend . The greater potential only pays the price . A strong determination and dedication is what takes you where you want to be . Remember one thing my friend obstacles are your worst and best enemies in your path. It is you who decide to keep it the best or worst . Dont run from your problem instead fight for ot . Dont duck yourself . Fighg towards it.

A beautifull tragedy about life itself is life . When we were small we were always eager enough to grow big . To live a wonderfull life , loved by all. And thus eventually lead a happy life . We always complain about  what was given. And now the real game begins .. Now when we are you g enough we desperately wish to be small again . Loved by all .. Those innocent faces , thosr cute kisses.. On chicks .. All those was just priceless.. Tears roll on when we look back in life .. Now no one cares except few what you do in your life .. Lol forget about those cute kisses no one even ask about you . This is the most amazing tragedy of life my friend and we all live it .. No matter what.

When we all talk about life . No one ever was sure what the talked . Everyone those who talked about life talk about a particular issues experienced in their life which may sounds different to the rest as  they experience different things.