Time is inversely proportional to the pain

What einstein said in his thesis about time travel was regarded as dimension under consideration. But what i will speak today is how time travels in our day to day life and how does it affect at the same time.

We will consider three different phases of life which as follows 

happy. Moderate. Sad

when we talk about happiness no doubt an usual expression of smile appears on every one’s face remembering their owns memory.

And it is so nature. So lets take an eg. A man who gets him achievement after a hard long work. Time travelling for him is very fast . Due to out psycological state. As only one thought constantly strike out mind is happiness. And so after recission it fades. So we feel time goes at a very high pace . So time is directly proportional to happiness. 

Now for moderate feelings . Time goes as expected. Coz more than one thought process as a combination of happy and sad occurs a mattrr of frustration and embarrasment is felt at ill at ease . So time is equal to moderate .

now sad part comes it is a state of multiple images. Thought process gives a combination of particularly various irrdefined process so thay complication of pain concentrated more powerfully then any other thing so our concentration is what makes little ill at ease. So time travels very slow and hence it is inversely proportional to sad or pain phase.image



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