What drives you in the game 

Conflicts between talent and skills.

Talent is what u possess from the day u step into this beautifull place so called earth. On the controversy skills is what u develop on beating on your crafts on a regular basis. 

So the que is what matters a lot 1) talent yea 2) skills. According to my point of view what i particularly notice in my journey till today is if you have talent you are lucky enough that means very less you need to work to develop the skills and easily win the competition. But if you do not possess well talent then you will meet with death of fear everyday to beat a guy whose is talented.

You be a nobody..you will be beaten to your need and firm your beliefs. Destiny plays a key role between these two if you got support from your destiny then 50% of the game is in your court. The rest is illusion . 

But i ll like to talk about people who are not much talented but believe in themselves till they do not persue their goal. Yeess.. There are few who could challenge you despite of your luck and talent. And really beat again wht i said 50% luck the rest is skills .

What i conclude is you must work hard whether u talented or not coz sometimes in life when you develop sufficient courage and self confidence . You literery overcome your challenge and definatlyyyy.. Persue your goal. Never ever loose hope. You dont know whats next and it is not your duty yet to know . The focua must be so heavily build thay nothing except the goal is visible yes . That is what kicks you in the game my dear friend.

Success is from failire to failure with no loss of enthusiasim. Hope is what drags in you in the game …

Best motivator in life is your progress . If you even persue a very little of what you desire . You eventually work very hard in hope of what u do results into your action. 




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