Attitude kills humanity

It’s all about what u think , say, dream frequent efforts are the result of your activity.When attitude comes the place , people or thing becomes inactive as well as very active . The controversy is because it depends upon the situation  completely.

Because when time comes you need to prove yourself , sometime fight for yourself in order to gain respect , pride . 

But simply showing of your presence wont make it all particularly instinct. You will be noticed when your action speaks more of your words. And thats where you find yourself surrounded with all great achievers. 

People never ask someone who is very ill at ease all here about is living luxurious life. Showing off completely. A wise men may not know everything but a fool knows everything.

When i talk about my self i am particularly distinct a bit shy , but when adjusted well to the atmosphere i entertain a lot. I never think tit for tat at most time . Till require the most. Even i am a human so sometime it is fair but not most of time.

I believe since you live your life once . You must do anything you could to make people nearby you happy . So that they may forget the pain they have undergone through. It makes you happy when you see the smile on their faces. sometimes you too forget the pain and end with a smile too. 

The most Beautifull time you go through is when you heard people saying because of him i never give up , i never quit . Where am i today is because of this person. So you live life to make others happy . Not yourself only . 

And when you do this you really fell the extraordinary pleasure and this is really unforgetable. 

Now if you show attitude everywhere . One day in your life you will feel that on proving yourself you lost your own identity infront of your own.

So ultimately i would like to say do what makes people happy . You will be automatically be happy and that is for sure.”Attitude is a little thing but makes a great difference”. 



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