No More Spiritual Suicide

As i said no more spiritual suicide it is what happens when people do not persuade their goal and go for jobs they hated the most. So if you want something then get your butt up and make it happen . Yes it is you who is responsible for what you are today.

As there is an african proverb that

If you do not have an enemy fron within then there is no enemy outside can cause you harm. 

Honesty is what we build here by tearing people around you. Anything can be achieved if you wish as one mind says anything that our mind can see can concieve it.  Let the initiate of fire ignite in you to persue the natural gift you possess rely on the source of your outcome . Come let feel in it. Nothing can stop you from doing the good but the question isnt this  it is who am i from being quit. 

Inch by inch , play by play to we finish. We are here right now gentleman. Last night i murdered a rock into a stone and tear the pieces . To the mens in trouble i wanna show you how great i am .

I was not getting a job but i dint quit i never fall back . At the edge i prepare for the next audition and next.

You may not fail on a scale on which i fid but living a life so cautiously without being failed is not possible cause you might as well not lived at all in doing so .

You may not be perfect. As you must go in future and see yourselve over there and come back in present and start using those 8546s of a day. Yes it is not easy . If there is no resistance then there would be no force acting or making you to achieve something great that people tear themselves in doing it.

“I never consider myself as distinctly talented  where i excell is ridiculous , sicking , work ethic.”

So start believing in you cause there is no one who could stop you from where you are .. Lets rill in it…..




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