Time is inversely proportional to the pain

What einstein said in his thesis about time travel was regarded as dimension under consideration. But what i will speak today is how time travels in our day to day life and how does it affect at the same time.

We will consider three different phases of life which as follows 

happy. Moderate. Sad

when we talk about happiness no doubt an usual expression of smile appears on every one’s face remembering their owns memory.

And it is so nature. So lets take an eg. A man who gets him achievement after a hard long work. Time travelling for him is very fast . Due to out psycological state. As only one thought constantly strike out mind is happiness. And so after recission it fades. So we feel time goes at a very high pace . So time is directly proportional to happiness. 

Now for moderate feelings . Time goes as expected. Coz more than one thought process as a combination of happy and sad occurs a mattrr of frustration and embarrasment is felt at ill at ease . So time is equal to moderate .

now sad part comes it is a state of multiple images. Thought process gives a combination of particularly various irrdefined process so thay complication of pain concentrated more powerfully then any other thing so our concentration is what makes little ill at ease. So time travels very slow and hence it is inversely proportional to sad or pain phase.image Continue reading “Time is inversely proportional to the pain”


What drives you in the game 

Conflicts between talent and skills.

Talent is what u possess from the day u step into this beautifull place so called earth. On the controversy skills is what u develop on beating on your crafts on a regular basis. 

So the que is what matters a lot 1) talent yea 2) skills. According to my point of view what i particularly notice in my journey till today is if you have talent you are lucky enough that means very less you need to work to develop the skills and easily win the competition. But if you do not possess well talent then you will meet with death of fear everyday to beat a guy whose is talented.

You be a nobody..you will be beaten to your need and firm your beliefs. Destiny plays a key role between these two if you got support from your destiny then 50% of the game is in your court. The rest is illusion . 

But i ll like to talk about people who are not much talented but believe in themselves till they do not persue their goal. Yeess.. There are few who could challenge you despite of your luck and talent. And really beat again wht i said 50% luck the rest is skills .

What i conclude is you must work hard whether u talented or not coz sometimes in life when you develop sufficient courage and self confidence . You literery overcome your challenge and definatlyyyy.. Persue your goal. Never ever loose hope. You dont know whats next and it is not your duty yet to know . The focua must be so heavily build thay nothing except the goal is visible yes . That is what kicks you in the game my dear friend.

Success is from failire to failure with no loss of enthusiasim. Hope is what drags in you in the game …

Best motivator in life is your progress . If you even persue a very little of what you desire . You eventually work very hard in hope of what u do results into your action. 



Attitude kills humanity

It’s all about what u think , say, dream frequent efforts are the result of your activity.When attitude comes the place , people or thing becomes inactive as well as very active . The controversy is because it depends upon the situation  completely.

Because when time comes you need to prove yourself , sometime fight for yourself in order to gain respect , pride . 

But simply showing of your presence wont make it all particularly instinct. You will be noticed when your action speaks more of your words. And thats where you find yourself surrounded with all great achievers. 

People never ask someone who is very ill at ease all here about is living luxurious life. Showing off completely. A wise men may not know everything but a fool knows everything.

When i talk about my self i am particularly distinct a bit shy , but when adjusted well to the atmosphere i entertain a lot. I never think tit for tat at most time . Till require the most. Even i am a human so sometime it is fair but not most of time.

I believe since you live your life once . You must do anything you could to make people nearby you happy . So that they may forget the pain they have undergone through. It makes you happy when you see the smile on their faces. sometimes you too forget the pain and end with a smile too. 

The most Beautifull time you go through is when you heard people saying because of him i never give up , i never quit . Where am i today is because of this person. So you live life to make others happy . Not yourself only . 

And when you do this you really fell the extraordinary pleasure and this is really unforgetable. 

Now if you show attitude everywhere . One day in your life you will feel that on proving yourself you lost your own identity infront of your own.

So ultimately i would like to say do what makes people happy . You will be automatically be happy and that is for sure.”Attitude is a little thing but makes a great difference”. 


No More Spiritual Suicide

As i said no more spiritual suicide it is what happens when people do not persuade their goal and go for jobs they hated the most. So if you want something then get your butt up and make it happen . Yes it is you who is responsible for what you are today.

As there is an african proverb that

If you do not have an enemy fron within then there is no enemy outside can cause you harm. 

Honesty is what we build here by tearing people around you. Anything can be achieved if you wish as one mind says anything that our mind can see can concieve it.  Let the initiate of fire ignite in you to persue the natural gift you possess rely on the source of your outcome . Come let feel in it. Nothing can stop you from doing the good but the question isnt this  it is who am i from being quit. 

Inch by inch , play by play to we finish. We are here right now gentleman. Last night i murdered a rock into a stone and tear the pieces . To the mens in trouble i wanna show you how great i am .

I was not getting a job but i dint quit i never fall back . At the edge i prepare for the next audition and next.

You may not fail on a scale on which i fid but living a life so cautiously without being failed is not possible cause you might as well not lived at all in doing so .

You may not be perfect. As you must go in future and see yourselve over there and come back in present and start using those 8546s of a day. Yes it is not easy . If there is no resistance then there would be no force acting or making you to achieve something great that people tear themselves in doing it.

“I never consider myself as distinctly talented  where i excell is ridiculous , sicking , work ethic.”

So start believing in you cause there is no one who could stop you from where you are .. Lets rill in it…..