Everything except problem gets deleted in life.

Problems are the outcomes of your deeds in previous birth . Yea thats what people say and i too heard about it.Life without ptoblem is meaningless, worthless and not existing. It is what comes when you born. 

I’ll give an example a boy was neverthless fair , handsome , a good physique but lack of manners , behaviour and quick anger in nature . Now you will think thats fair coz good qualities are followed by bad too but thats not over still.

Now his mom was a lot more angry than him and gets irritated frequently due to his behaviour . Now his mother’s family belongs to a rich background. A good settled life and could get anything what the boy wants . But Now the main purpose or point comes the boy was not studying well but dream a lot big . And was passionate about bikes,cars and iphones ..lol…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..

Now he asked his masi for iphone 6s and was not regrected unless his mom told so . That was because of his bad behaviour towards her . That was the problem in his life . 

No matter he gets all the branded goodies whenever needed but no respect as could get more. Now neither he could change nor his behoviour towards his mom a thing to wory..😒😒😒. 

Now think his life without the problem . It eould be as i discussed earlier i.e worthless, meaningless and not existing . A matter of deep and keen imagination . Thats what others possesess but differently . 

So this what gives an idea that anything could be probably eliminated in life except problems. So dont worry try to act in different ways with the situation.

I dont write long but i write quite true. 



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