Eternity Pleasure

“Eternity symbolizes timelessness. That is felt only in heaven where your fortune seek your destiny “.

Personify your deeds yourself . There is no judge in this event called life . Your the only charachter , The judge, Audience , everything . 

What matters is you. There is nothing like what people thinks about you its none of your buisness . You must be relieve at the end . 

“As there is a statement that marks Go to bed with satisfaction and work hard with determination “.

Activity of karma is served to you . Pleasure is what you get when u get the unexpected object from someone else whom u give more importance.

For eg:  one of my friend gets very happy and determined when someone praises about him like you will be very rich and live a prosperous life with all the luxuries you own The most wanted lambo.., maseratti…

But the real happiness lies within when same confidence , same respect when bestowed on ourselves miracles do happen in your life and thats when no one may stop you from reaching your goal . 

No one will stop you from who you are  but that requires a lot and lot courage and a step to indulge . But when one find the soul purpose for his life . He attains Eternity Pleasure. 

In order to attain the purpose you must be clean , to yourself no showoff . When he finds himself surrounded with folks of god sung around he fells something energetic thats due to medication power incanted over there . 

“Change your thoughts be original self reborn , clean and true to yourself in order to attain your soul purpose “.

 Eternity meaning   


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