“Never Give Up”


“Try to be the first version of you”

” One thing i ll tell you about me is if we are on treadmill together there is two thing happening . You gone quit first or ill gone dieeee… No matter how talented you are “. 

A guy who is willing to die wins the age”.

it is not about what u want to be but who u want to be. You have to dig deep down .

Particularly things wont happen as your wish and will they’l beaten you to your craft and you will be nobody . 

“It is not about how you get hit in life . But how hard you get hitted and get back to your motive plan”.

The thing in life is never expectable. What you want need to fight for that alone there will be no one.

There will be no sunshine and rainbows “.

Decide what you want to do with your life . Then plan for the same if you are born as winner you need to plan like winners and fight like winners .

There must not be overnight success. And should not dream the same never . There is no better place and work than a hard work.

Never looooose hope in life . Once you get on the track the thingfocused in life must be no matter what but it is not over untill i win..


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