Leading revolution of R-series

Yamaha motors under judgemental crises the leading R series that came R-15,R3 then was followed by lords of streets FZ . Yamaha R-3 is a compact motorcycle slightly larger than R-15. The petite looking fuel tank can show 14 litres of capacity. the fuel injected ,twin-cylinder,321cc motor develops 41.5bhp at 10,750 rpm, and 29.6Nm  of torque at 9,000rpm. Even with the twin-cylinder motor ,the R-3 tips the scales at 169 kg.

Verdict: versatile sportsbike but a tad too expensive.8/10

The R-3 flows effortlesslyinto corners. Despite being bigger and more powerful than the R-15,it still changes direction easily.

Should R-3 have had ABS ABS ….?????Hopefully Yamaha will bring ABS- equipped variant soon enough, and that should make a package complete.

The rival:KTMRC390 – A track-focused machine that undercuts the R-3 on price and power but it lacks the versatility of tis japanese rival.

This leading R -series innoviation has changed the fortune of Yamaha motors ltd. With the spectacular look and On- road perfomance the lord of streets holds the title . Addition to this the Blue core technology had also serve its place too.


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