Everything except problem gets deleted in life.

Problems are the outcomes of your deeds in previous birth . Yea thats what people say and i too heard about it.Life without ptoblem is meaningless, worthless and not existing. It is what comes when you born. 

I’ll give an example a boy was neverthless fair , handsome , a good physique but lack of manners , behaviour and quick anger in nature . Now you will think thats fair coz good qualities are followed by bad too but thats not over still.

Now his mom was a lot more angry than him and gets irritated frequently due to his behaviour . Now his mother’s family belongs to a rich background. A good settled life and could get anything what the boy wants . But Now the main purpose or point comes the boy was not studying well but dream a lot big . And was passionate about bikes,cars and iphones ..lol…😂😂😂..

Now he asked his masi for iphone 6s and was not regrected unless his mom told so . That was because of his bad behaviour towards her . That was the problem in his life . 

No matter he gets all the branded goodies whenever needed but no respect as could get more. Now neither he could change nor his behoviour towards his mom a thing to wory..😢😢😢. 

Now think his life without the problem . It eould be as i discussed earlier i.e worthless, meaningless and not existing . A matter of deep and keen imagination . Thats what others possesess but differently . 

So this what gives an idea that anything could be probably eliminated in life except problems. So dont worry try to act in different ways with the situation.

I dont write long but i write quite true. 



Eternity Pleasure

“Eternity symbolizes timelessness. That is felt only in heaven where your fortune seek your destiny “.

Personify your deeds yourself . There is no judge in this event called life . Your the only charachter , The judge, Audience , everything . 

What matters is you. There is nothing like what people thinks about you its none of your buisness . You must be relieve at the end . 

“As there is a statement that marks Go to bed with satisfaction and work hard with determination “.

Activity of karma is served to you . Pleasure is what you get when u get the unexpected object from someone else whom u give more importance.

For eg:  one of my friend gets very happy and determined when someone praises about him like you will be very rich and live a prosperous life with all the luxuries you own The most wanted lambo.., maseratti…

But the real happiness lies within when same confidence , same respect when bestowed on ourselves miracles do happen in your life and thats when no one may stop you from reaching your goal . 

No one will stop you from who you are  but that requires a lot and lot courage and a step to indulge . But when one find the soul purpose for his life . He attains Eternity Pleasure. 

In order to attain the purpose you must be clean , to yourself no showoff . When he finds himself surrounded with folks of god sung around he fells something energetic thats due to medication power incanted over there . 

“Change your thoughts be original self reborn , clean and true to yourself in order to attain your soul purpose “.

 Eternity meaning   

Leading revolution of R-series

Yamaha motors under judgemental crises the leading R series that came R-15,R3 then was followed by lords of streets FZ . Yamaha R-3 is a compact motorcycle slightly larger than R-15. The petite looking fuel tank can show 14 litres of capacity. the fuel injected ,twin-cylinder,321cc motor develops 41.5bhp at 10,750 rpm, and 29.6Nm  of torque at 9,000rpm. Even with the twin-cylinder motor ,the R-3 tips the scales at 169 kg.

Verdict: versatile sportsbike but a tad too expensive.8/10

The R-3 flows effortlesslyinto corners. Despite being bigger and more powerful than the R-15,it still changes direction easily.

Should R-3 have had ABS ABS ….?????Hopefully Yamaha will bring ABS- equipped variant soon enough, and that should make a package complete.

The rival:KTMRC390 – A track-focused machine that undercuts the R-3 on price and power but it lacks the versatility of tis japanese rival.

This leading R -series innoviation has changed the fortune of Yamaha motors ltd. With the spectacular look and On- road perfomance the lord of streets holds the title . Addition to this the Blue core technology had also serve its place too.

“Hello Earth”

Welcome to the world of adventurous activity loaded with automobile. Accompanied by some valuable facts and figures that helps to gain some usefull and expressable idea to the world . To generate an  Unique personality.